Do you know how much those pests weigh?

Do you know how much those pests weigh?

If you are someone who spends a lot of time in their garden, and you enjoy the sound of songbirds happily chirping away in the trees, you probably like to feed them too, to keep them happy! Sadly, there can be problems in doing this, as these beautiful little birds are not the only inhabitants of your garden who enjoy those yummy seeds and peanuts etc. Squirrels, rats and larger birds, such as magpies and crows, would like nothing better than to steal the food from that blue tit or greenfinch’s mouth! Most bird tables and feeders do not do anything to stop them from their robbing ways. However, the Roamwild PestOffBird Feeder does! It has weight activated perches, which close the port access to the feed,, when anything weighing more than 75 grams lands/climbs onto them. Below, we have given you a guide to the average weight of those pests, and of the songbirds, so that you can see the difference, and how effective this incredible design can be in deterring pests from your garden.


Grey Squirrel      – 450 – 700 grams

Red Squirrel       – 350 – 450 grams

Brown Rat           – 140 – 500 grams

Jackdaw             – 220 – 350 grams

Magpie               – 220 – 350 grams

Crow                   – 330 – 1600 grams



Blue Tit               – 9 – 12 ½ grams

Robin                  – 16 – 22 grams

Nuthatch             – 20 – 24 grams

Greenfinch          – 25 – 32 grams

Goldfinch            – 14 – 17 grams 

One slight exception to this weight ”rule” can be the woodpecker species. They generally weigh more than 70 grams. But, fear not, this is not a problem for The Roamwild PestOff Bird Feeder, as it has been designed to be woodpecker friendly! The woodpecker is able to grip the feeder from underneath and still be able to feed!

So, as you can see, there is quite a large difference in weight! The Roamwild PestOffBird Feeder’s 75 gram cut off means that more than one of the lovely little songbirds can perch on each port, and happily munch away on those seeds, before they get anywhere near the cut off weight. Whereas, not one of the pests will stand a chance of getting into the food! Available for as little as £24.99, and in multiple options for the type of feed it takes, the Roamwild PestOffBird Feeder is the perfect choice to keep your garden birds happy and full of song!

  • Mandy Gasson
How do I stop squirrels eating my Suet/Fat Balls that I put out for the birds?

How do I stop squirrels eating my Suet/Fat Balls that I put out for the birds?

 We all love the sounds of wild birds or garden birds chirping away happily in our garden, and one way to encourage them to visit is to put out bird food for them. One of the slightly more unusual foods, which encourage slightly more exotic birds, such as woodpeckers, is the Suet ball feed, or fat ball or suet cakes. These can be plain, or have varieties of seeds mixes in them, and birds of all different shapes enjoy them all year around!

However, there is another creature who would like nothing better than to feast on these hearty balls of nutrition, and that is squirrels! They will stop at very little to get their claws onto them, so how can you try and prevent squirrels from feasting? Read on, to discover some tips and solutions to this on-going problem in your garden.

  1. A Suet cage

 A lot of people think that to use suet to feed the birds, they need a suet cage in which to put the bird food. However, this has many problems. Usually the cage’s holes are big enough that the squirrels can just claw or nibble through and get to the suet that way. Also, the squirrels can knock the cage down from wherever it is hung, and onto the ground, often breaking the cage open. Also, wood peckers cannot feed from these feeders, also you cannot see the birds properly through the cage

  1. Turn up the heat!

Another thing some people try, as a technique to put off squirrels from trying to steal your suet, is hot pepper, or capsaicin. As birds do not have taste buds, they can eat spicy food all day long, with no ill effects. However, the squirrels, like humans, do, so the use of the spicy stuff is thought to be a deterrent to them. Sadly, this “solution” will only work in the short term, as the squirrels eventually get used to the taste, so it is not a good recommendation and is not effective in the long term.

  1. Use a Squirrel Proof Bird Suet Ball Feeder!

Possibly your best line of defence against squirrel food theft, are purposely designed Squirrel Proof Fat Ball Bird Feeder.  If you cannot keep the squirrel at a distance, get a feeder that won't let the squirrel eat! Simple! There is ONLY one purpose made weight activated squirrel proof suet feeders that has been specifically designed for using with suet balls, fat balls or suet cakes, and that is The Roamwild PestOff suet Bird Feeder. They are designed with little hatches next to the perches, which are closed if the weight of what it perched is more than a 75g weight. The basic premise of this works on the principle that because a squirrel weighs more than a bird, the feeder mechanism lets the birds perch but closes the feeder hatch when a squirrel tries to sit on the perch. The Roamwild PestOff suet cake / ball Bird Feeder, available from Homgar for only £24.99. What’s more, if you like to attract other types of birds, who enjoy seeds more, then the feeder comes in a variety of other options, such as Mixed/Sunflower seeds, Nyjer/Thistle seed, and Mealworm/Peanut.

  • Abhinav Gupta
4 ways that do NOT stop squirrels eating bird food & the solution!

4 ways that do NOT stop squirrels eating bird food & the solution!

 When you have a garden, one of the best things about it can be the abundance and variety of wild birds, and garden birds, which visit from time to time. You probably want ways of encouraging them to keep visiting, and one way of doing this is to provide them with bird food and seed mixes which they can enjoy. However, putting these out can bring with it a problem. That of other, more unwelcome, visitors, namely squirrels. How can you discourage this and prevent squirrels from stealing those sunflower seeds? Here are four ways of how not to stop squirrels eating your bird food

  1. Make them Jump!

The average squirrel can jump about 8 to 10 feet horizontally, so try to hang your feeder from a tree limb on a fishing line. They cannot climb down such a thin line so they must try to jump. The downside of this method is that if the squirrel ever does make the jump, the force is likely to break the line and your food might end up on the ground.  Ultimately this ends up in a mess and does not work.

  1. Capsaicin – Go for the taste buds!

Capsaicin is what puts the heat in chilli peppers, and is found in their seeds. Squirrels are similar to humans in that their taste buds can detect hot pepper. Birds cannot. Use chilli seeds or flakes and mix a small amount with your birdseed, such as sunflower seeds. One taste and the squirrels will hopefully swear off your bird food forever! The chilli seeds will not harm the birds, as they do not digest them, but sadly the problem with this is that squirrels soon get used to it, so it is a short term solution.

  1. Use food that squirrels do not like!

To be honest, it is pretty hard to find a seed that a squirrel won't eat. In general, they are not keen on nyjer seed or thistle seed, so these could be a good option to try out. Sadly, though, if a squirrel is hungry enough, it will try anything!

  1. “Baffle” them from above and below!

If you have a feeder that is hanging from a pole or large hook, so that the squirrel can not jump onto it, the next step is to prevent them from climbing up the pole. Some people try to grease their pole with Vaseline. Another, less messy way, is to use a baffle. A baffle is a metal or plastic “hood” which sits either on top or underneath your feeder, making an over/under hang which the squirrels can not get around very easily, thus deterring them from reaching your bird food.  Again a short lived solution as squirrels jump!

  1. The Solution - Use a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder!

This is your best line of defence against squirrel food theft, purposely designed squirrel proof bird feeders.  If you cannot keep the squirrel at a distance, get a feeder that won't let the squirrel eat! Simple! They are designed with little hatches next to the perches, which are closed if the weight of what it perched is more than a set weight. The basic premise of this works on the principle that because a squirrel weighs more than a bird, the feeder mechanism lets the birds perch and feed but closes the feeder hatch when a squirrel tries to sit on the perch. Probably one of the best, and most affordable, of these specialised feeders is The Roamwild Pest Off Bird Feeder, available from Homgar for only £24.99. It comes in a number of options, for different types of bird food, such as sunflower seeds, nyjer seeds, peanuts and even suet fat balls!

  • Mandy Gasson
The origins of bird feeding

The origins of bird feeding

Bird feeding has been a hobby and past time for many throughout time; in fact James Fisher, the famous author, naturalist and ornithologist wrote that bird feeding was first recorded in the sixth centaury by the monk known as Saint Serf of Fife who tamed a pigeon by feeding it.

 In the United Kingdom, people have always been passionate about bird feeding. During the harsh winters in the late 19thcentaury, national newspapers asked people to put out food for the birds to feed on. In 1910, bird feeding was described as a ‘national pastime’.

 The passion and devotion for bird feeding that has been shown by the United Kingdom has been incorporated into the Roamwild Pest Off Bird Feeder. A group of enthusiasts designed and implemented the key innovative function of making the Roamwild Pest Off Bird Feeder squirrel proof, which not only allows birds to enjoy and nourish on feed, but also enables one to enjoy the sight of watching birds feed on a bird feeder without any disruption.

  • Abhinav Gupta
Places to visit in the USA

Places to visit in the USA

New York? LA? Orlando? Been there done that. Here are some of the places that you really want to go:
  • Chicago - everyone flocks to New York, the infamous city where money never sleeps but really Chicago is the clean ‘Big Apple’.


  • Chicago has everything; a beautiful city built next to Lake Michigan where you can sunbathe in the Summer on the beaches. Incredible shopping and restaurants along Michigan Avenue. A clean and efficient subway system that allows travelling across the city manageable. Friendly people and great customer service allow your trip to be sweet and enjoyable. Museums, art galleries and beautiful architecture really sets this great city apart from the rest.


  • Hilton Head Island, South Carolina - a hidden gem. This small quaint island is easy to miss but really is a unique and spectacular site just a short drive from South Carolina main land. Located on a small island accessible by bridge, be prepared to put your swim suits on and enjoy a cocktail as you relax on the beach and enjoy the faculties that the resorts amongst the island offer. If you are visiting the east coast and want a quick beach holiday without having to travel down to Florida then make sure you take a break at Hilton Head Island.


  • Scottsdale, Arizona - This fabulous city provides breathtaking scenery and incredible resorts to enjoy with the family. The weather is fantastic all year round although can be very hot during the summer months. Within the resorts you can relax and admire spectacular views of the red mountains, or visit the golf courses and tee off with a view of the cliffs. This isn’t just a standard holiday resort, but one that provides breathtaking views and amazing scenery to admire and enjoy.
If you are you going to visit these wonderful destinations then remember your Roamwild Surround Travel pillow to get there in comfort. If you are taking the kids then remember to take your Roamwild Armrest Buddy for the plane seat and Roamwild Airtushi portable high chair to give them a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.
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Which travel pillow is the best?

Which travel pillow is the best?

How many times have we all heard that a travel pillow actually works? So often it’s not the case, and not only is this a disappointment but you have also ended up even more tired from a long journey.
All these travel pillows fail to give adequate support to the head and neck. The Roamwild surround travel pillow was actually developed by a world traveller who has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles across the planet and would never fly without one.
It’s patented side supports are what makes this pillow completely different; not only giving total comfort, but also privacy from any surrounding noise. It can be adjusted in firmness to suit the user, and is guaranteed to work.
The Roamwild surround travel pillow is also extremely competitively priced as so many premium pillows are sold under the pretence of quality when in essence they are cheaply sewn together in China. This has enabled the companies that sell them to operate on huge mark ups.
The Roamwild surround travel pillow will save you money and will be a key factor in getting you to your destination well rested.
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