Tips on Keeping Chickens - The Top 5 Do's & Dont's

Tips on Keeping Chickens - The Top 5 Do's & Dont's

Keeping Chickens Tips

Years ago it was the norm to keep a few hens in the garden and in recent years keeping chickens has seen a big increase in popularity. Animal welfare issues and a desire for a slice of the good life are amongst the reasons for the increase and the benefits are many.

The Top 5 Do's & Dont's When Keeping Chickens:

  1. Eggs - Yummy eggs is the most obvious of benefit of keeping chickens.  To get nice tasting eggs you need to feed your chickens nice food.  They will be fresher, with strong shells, orangey-yellow yokes and thick whites and you will be confident that they came from happy hens.  A combination of mixed corn and layers pellets is best to feed your flock along with some oyster grit mixed in.
  2. Control the Pests – Keeping chickens can lead to a rat problem in your garden.  To prevent this we recommend the PestOff Chicken Feeder Kit.  This 100% rat proof chicken feeder will prevent the build up of vermin in your garden before it starts!  Do not feed your chickens directly on the floor, use this feeder.
  3. Chicken Poop Makes Great Manure – When cleaning out your chickens why not use the waste to add to your compost heap. It will rot down to form a wonderful garden fertilizer.
  4. Entertainment – Chickens need entertainment as they will get bored easily.  Give them scraps of vegetables to give them something to peck at.  Always make sure your chickens always have plenty of food and water.
  5. Select the Right Chickens for You – Chickens are relatively cheap to buy and to look after. But shop around.  Are you after ornamental chickens or regular hybrid egg laying chickens.  We would recommend the hybrids if you are new to chicken keeping.  They are easy to keep and will consistently lay you yummy eggs.

Give your Chickens shelter, feed, water, entertainment and the best treatment when they are ill.  Look after them and they will look after you.

Rat Proof PestOff Chicken Feeder review:

Fantastic product !!!
I have been testing the prototype of this feeder for several months. I had a severe rat problem which I could not eliminate. Poison bait traps and other efforts were no help.I would enter the chicken coop area and rats were running everywhere. The feed in my feeders was depleted every day.
I reached a point where I was going to give up keeping chickens. I received the Pestoff chicken feeder and within 2 days I noticed less rat activity, After 4 days they were gone. My poison bait traps showed very little activity. They were gone and have stayed gone. The rats can't get to the food so they left .After months of dealing with this rat problem I finally found a product that actually works. It was like a miracle!!
This is the only feeder I will ever use.


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  • Jason Bowman