The Cheapest Way To Attract Birds To Your Garden

The Cheapest Way To Attract Birds To Your Garden With A Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder!

It's pretty obvious that bird feeding can be an extensive and expensive process - especially with the variety of bird feeders on the market today. So many different colours and styles with heaps of mixed reviews, but there's one thing that these feeders are missing...

They're not completely squirrel proof AND pest proof! 

Which is why we've created the first entirely pest and squirrel proof bird feeder.




By now you've probably already read the title and I know what you're thinking, this is all very well and good but how am I going to save money?

It's simple - not only does the PestOff Bird feeder have a colossal capacity of 1.5 litres, but the fact that the feeder is both squirrel proof and pest proof ensures that only songbirds can feed. 

In other words the PestOff feeder could pay for itself in only 3 weeks - YOU SAVE MONEY ON SEED!

Squirrels & large birds can eat at least 3kg bird seed from bird feeders per week if allowed.  Of course the PestOff Bird Feeder STOPS this waste, so you will use far less bird seed!

Finally put a stop to those squirrels, pigeons, magpies and more with the Squirrel Proof PestOff Bird Feeder!