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The Keys to Having a Happy Flight

The Keys to Having a Happy Flight

Flying doesn’t have to be stressful, however a lack of preparation often means that many people have terrible journeys – regardless of whether they’re long-haul, or just a quick hop into Europe.

By packing just a few simple things – including the best travel pillow you can find – you’ll ensure that your journey is comfortable, relaxing and entertaining. Below you’ll find a list of these important items:


Eye Mask

You might be thinking “most flights have eyes masks on them for free”, but let’s face it – they are generally rubbish. If you want a really good sleep, you’ll need to purchase a good quality eye mask, which won’t let any light through. When this is combined with a travel pillow, you’ll be able to sleep on virtually any plane!


Travel Pillow

A travel pillow is designed to support your neck when you fall asleep in an upright position – just like you’ll be doing while on a flight. This leads to increased comfort, as well as the avoidance of waking with a stiff or sore neck. The best travel pillow will also come with side supports, which stop your head falling to the side, and should be a memory foam travel neck pillow.



Earphones are provided on most flights, and can be plugged into the TV in front of you. Like eye masks though, they are usually really poor quality, and also pretty uncomfortable. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a pair of earphones that you can wear without discomfort, meaning that you’re able to fully enjoy the movies showing on the flight. They also make great ear plugs when you want to grab some sleep!


Warm Clothes

Just because you’re heading to Jamaica, Australia, or Spain, it doesn’t mean that the entire journey will be warm! Those travelling in shorts will get a shock when the cabin temperature drops, especially at night, so make sure you bring some warm clothes. Airlines do often provide blankets, however they aren’t generally that thick and won’t really help that much.



Make sure you bring plenty of things designed to entertain, such as your iPad, or perhaps a good book. The movies and TV programmes shown on planes can be really good, but they can also be terrible – do you want to risk being stuck on a long haul flight with nothing to do? You can also use a device to play your favourite music when you’re trying to get to sleep, further blocking out any noise.
Why Purchase a Travel Pillow?

Why Purchase a Travel Pillow?


If you’re about to take a long plane, train or car journey, a travel pillow should be top of your list of must-have accessories.

Travel pillows have many different benefits, all of which combine to make your journey a comfortable and pleasurable one. Some of these great benefits are listed below…

Feel Reinvigorated

How many times have you been stuck on a plane for hours, but have been unable to get any sleep at all? Airline seats aren’t exactly designed with maximum comfort in mind, so finding the perfect position for your head and neck can be tough. A travel pillow cures this problem though, especially a travel pillow with side cushions, which allow your head to fall into a comfortable position. So, with a travel pillow, you’ll be able to arrive at your destination feeling rested and ready to enjoy your time abroad!

It’s not just on transportation where great sleep can be gained though, as a travel pillow can also be used in many other situations too. For example, it can be used in bed, if you’re unable to find a good sleeping position, or if you need to sleep on an uncomfortable sofa for a night. In fact, it pays to take a travel pillow everywhere, just in case you might need it!

Banish Neck Ache

Humans simply aren’t designed to sleep whilst sitting up – as anyone who has grabbed a few winks on a flight will know. Doing so can strain the muscles in the neck and lead to neck pain when awakening – neck pain that can remain constant for hours, even days. A travel pillow – especially a memory foam travel pillow – will support the head perfectly though, banishing any neck ache when you wake up. Those with supports also allow the head to rest to the side, meaning that it won’t fall forward and become uncomfortable.

Perfect for Medical Issues

Many medical issues require people to sit up while they sleep, which can lead to many uncomfortable nights and tired mornings. There’s absolutely no need to cope with this anymore though, as a travel pillow solves the problem. What’s more, they really aren’t expensive to buy, so you won’t have to break the bank to get the great night’s sleep you’ve been craving for so long!

See Roamwild Surround Pillow with unique side head cushions here

So, it’s clear to see that a travel pillow is a must-have for everyone, regardless of how much travelling they do. Why not add one to your basket today?

Comfort on the Go with Travel Pillow - Roamwild Surround Pillow

Enjoy Home-like Comfort on the Go with Travel Pillow

Back, shoulder and neck pain have become common health issues, both among the young and the old. Not only do they interfere in the day-to-day life affairs, they can also make traveling miserable for many. If you suffer from such pains frequently or want to avoid them when traveling, try using the Roamwild Surround Travel pillow. Here is how it helps:

  1. Maintenance of correct posture

 Often when we are traveling in an airplane, train or bus, we unknowingly slouch or take up a bad posture. The extended maintenance of such a posture results in acute pain in the neck, back and shoulders once we get up at the end of the journey. However, travel accessories such as a travel pillow, offer support to the body and encourage us to keep a healthy posture even on-the-go. In the process, we avoid any pain and ache and are able to relax without straining our body muscles.

  1. Comfort

For extended travels, comfort becomes an important factor that needs due consideration. If you’re traveling for long number of hours, especially in a sitting position, you can feel uncomfortable in the absence of sufficient back and neck support or cushioning. You might not be able to take a nap or enjoy a movie in the plane because of the discomfort. Travel companions such as the Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow, ensure that you stay relaxed by offering support to your neck and back. You can enjoy home-like comfort sitting in an airplane or other forms of travel by carrying your travel pillow with you.

The pillow is made using memory foam (not inflatable), which lends it the advantage of being firm as well as sufficiently supportive.

  1. The side pillows

A unique feature of the Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow is that it is equipped with two side pillows which are inflatable. It is possible to use either one of them or both of them as per your requirement. You can blow these up to a desired level of firmness and they offer extra side support. You can easily lean on the side, allow your head to rest and sleep using these side pillows.

How to use the side pillows: Ideally, you should inflate the side pillows when the plane has taken off and settled at a decent altitude to avoid any cabin pressure changes.

Air Travel Doesn't Have to Be a Pain in the Neck Anymore

Air Travel Doesn't Have to Be a Pain in the Neck Anymore

According to SpineUniverse, the most visited spine site on the web, 14% of air travelers experience neck pain on flights while 55% complain of both neck and back pain. In-flight comfort is a big deal for most of us, and unless you're up in first class, neck comfortability leaves a lot to be desired.   Neck pillows were designed to solve this problem, but unfortunately, they've been ineffective at it. Now, Roamwild has come up with a new travel pillow that will make you forget those restrictive and precious-little-doing neck pillows hauled by unsuspecting or out-of-choice travelers on flights.

Roamwild Surround Pillow

Air Travel Doesn't Have to Be a Pain in the Neck Anymore

According to SpineUniverse, the most visited spine site on the web, 14% of air travelers experience neck pain on flights while 55% complain of both neck and back pain. In-flight comfort is a big deal for most of us, and unless you're up in first class, neck comfortability leaves a lot to be desired.   Neck pillows were designed to solve this problem, but unfortunately, they've been ineffective at it. Now, Roamwild has come up with a new travel pillow that will make you forget those restrictive and precious-little-doing neck pillows hauled by unsuspecting or out-of-choice travelers on flights.

Modern and thoughtfully designed travel cushion

Did you know that existing travel pillows not only do a poor job of reinforcing the neck but also bring on other problems like cutting circulation, obstructing airflow and constricting air passages, by restricting movement? Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow's Modern Memory Foam construction molds to your spine's natural curvature and supports your neck without stressing it out. There is also a lesser chance that you will suffer a post-travel (and commonly occurring) neck ache. Adding more comfort to your neck and head are inflatable side cushions that support your face when your head assumes a titled position during a deep slumber.

Target the fit to your personal need/habit/preference

The adjustability offered by the travel pillow makes it easy to find the perfectly comfortable sweet spot. You can inflate it partially for convenient neck comfort on a short-haul flight. Use it without the side supports if you'll just be resting or reading. If you're used to sleeping on one side, move the side support up for home-away-from-home restful sleep. For ultimate comfort and privacy, use the neck pillow with both sides up. Prefer some chin and head support? Wear the side cushions backwards and feel the difference.

Roamwild Surround Pillow

A more comfortable way to travel by air

A question posted on Reddit about the features people would like airplane seats to incorporate for a more comfortable flight elicited over 9,000 responses. One among the nine 'most wanted' improvements was the addition of neck and head molding headrests that made sleeping upright less painful, reduced the risk of neck pain afterwards, and prevented you from falling onto the person next to you. Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow does a good job of addressing all three factors. Additionally, it cuts out ambient noise and remains in its place.

Give your neck and head some TLC on your next flight. You know which travel pillow to attach to your carry bag!

Benefits of Carrying a Travel Pillow Neck Support When You Are Traveling

Travel Good Travel Pillow Neck Support is Essential When You Are Traveling

Before you travel on an airplane, a car or even a train, the most important thing to do is ensure that you are going to be comfortable. Traveling on an airplane is considered as one of the most uncomfortable travel experiences, especially if you are on an economy seat. The seats are close to each other, and there's almost no place to move.

Traveling in a car or a train is no different. However, there are certain things you can do to make your travel comfortable, like carrying a travel pillow. Here are some of the advantages of carrying a travel pillow with you.

The perfect travel companion

Travel pillows like the Roamwild Surround Pillow, are designed to fully support your head. Some passengers are not able to reach the seat headrest and even if they do, the headrest is hardly comfortable (it might be hard or lumpy). In such cases, the travel pillow supports the neck to make the traveling experience comfortable.

Mimics your normal pillow

Travel pillows are made from memory foam. Memory foam adjusts to the shape of the neck. The memory foam will adapt to any movement you make.

Prevents stiff neck and fatigue

You may have been in a situation where you wanted to turn in the seat, but couldn't because of lack of space. The Roamwild Surround Pillow has two small inflatable side supports in addition to a memory collar. Now you don't have to turn. You can just rest your face on either of the side supports and you are all set for a good sleep.

Easy to maintain and durable

The Roamwild Surround Pillow can be cleaned easily. The cover on the neck support is washable. It eliminates the risk of germs and improves the life of the travel pillow.

Can reduce sleep apnea and snoring
A memory foam travel pillow keeps the neck straight. It means, your airways are not obstructed, preventing sleep apnea and snoring. If you have ever woken up due to someone snoring on a bus or an airplane, you will appreciate this benefit.
With so many advantages, it is actually surprising why some people don't carry travel neck pillows when they are traveling. Roamwild is without a doubt, one of the best travel pillows in the market today. It comes with a number of benefits that you won't find in other travel pillows.

Why is the Roamwild Surround Pillow the best travel pillow on the market - find out here

Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow

This travel pillow  fully supports your head with 2 unique side head supports, allowing you to get truly comfortable and sleep well whist traveling.  100% British Designed - The pillow includes a memory foam collar and two large inflatable side supports that can be angled forwards and backwards to suit individual comfort requirements.  Patent Pending design.  Designed by ex Dyson design engineer.  The front connection strap means that the cushion moves and flows with you as you sleep and does not fall away.  It also allows you to connect the pillow to your bag easily whilst on the go.


Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow

As featured in The Sun as travel gadget of the week -

Travel pillow Features:

  • Memory foam neck cushion filling with a soft washable cover to help eliminate germs and for longevity of use.
  • 2 x side support cushions
  • There are 5 user comfort modes to help you find the ultimate personalized comfort – the pillow can be worn backwards to support chin and offer ultimate head support.
  • The side supports also help with privacy if you are travelling on your own. They also help to reduce surrounding noise so you can rest undisturbed and in comfort.
  • The product independently fully supports the weight of your head keeping your spine aligned and neck ligaments not over extended, therefore reducing the risk of neck ache after travel.
  • This product conforms to all relevant safety and approvals testing. It is recommended that this product should not be used by children under the age of 11 years old

Sarah Woodland BSc (Hons) Chiropractic, DC

A superb quality product that moulds to the natural curvature of your spine allowing maximum comfort and a fully supported spine. The Roamwild surround pillow allows the cervical spine to maintain it's natural 'C' shaped curve without causing the classic painful and poor postural 'anterior head carriage' or 'hyperextension' positions. This correct 'C' shaped curve is important to help prevent additional stresses and strains on the delicate tissues particularly the ligaments, intervertebral discs, nerve roots and facet joints. The pillow is also good at reducing lateral deviation (sideways movement) to the cervical spine. A well thought out, comfortable and functionally designed product.


This well thought through design is so comfy and versatile. It has to be one of the best travel pillows I have ever come across. Designed in London by an ex Dyson designer.