The Keys to Having a Happy Flight

Flying doesn’t have to be stressful, however a lack of preparation often means that many people have terrible journeys – regardless of whether they’re long-haul, or just a quick hop into Europe.

By packing just a few simple things – including the best travel pillow you can find – you’ll ensure that your journey is comfortable, relaxing and entertaining. Below you’ll find a list of these important items:


Eye Mask

You might be thinking “most flights have eyes masks on them for free”, but let’s face it – they are generally rubbish. If you want a really good sleep, you’ll need to purchase a good quality eye mask, which won’t let any light through. When this is combined with a travel pillow, you’ll be able to sleep on virtually any plane!


Travel Pillow

A travel pillow is designed to support your neck when you fall asleep in an upright position – just like you’ll be doing while on a flight. This leads to increased comfort, as well as the avoidance of waking with a stiff or sore neck. The best travel pillow will also come with side supports, which stop your head falling to the side, and should be a memory foam travel neck pillow.



Earphones are provided on most flights, and can be plugged into the TV in front of you. Like eye masks though, they are usually really poor quality, and also pretty uncomfortable. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a pair of earphones that you can wear without discomfort, meaning that you’re able to fully enjoy the movies showing on the flight. They also make great ear plugs when you want to grab some sleep!


Warm Clothes

Just because you’re heading to Jamaica, Australia, or Spain, it doesn’t mean that the entire journey will be warm! Those travelling in shorts will get a shock when the cabin temperature drops, especially at night, so make sure you bring some warm clothes. Airlines do often provide blankets, however they aren’t generally that thick and won’t really help that much.



Make sure you bring plenty of things designed to entertain, such as your iPad, or perhaps a good book. The movies and TV programmes shown on planes can be really good, but they can also be terrible – do you want to risk being stuck on a long haul flight with nothing to do? You can also use a device to play your favourite music when you’re trying to get to sleep, further blocking out any noise.
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