Deterring Squirrels – Red Native Squirrels and Squirrel Proof Bird feeders

Squirrels are rodents, and are born to gnaw. Their incisors never stop growing, so they must chew constantly to keep them down. Along with a seemingly insatiable appetite (they can up to 1kg of food /week! ) they are extremely cunning and physically equipped to successfully overcome obstacles that we put in their way.

If we all had these wonderful native Red Squirrels in our gardens, we could forgive them for destroying our bird feeders and consuming vast quantities of wild bird seed.

Unfortunately, only 140,000 of these wonderful red squirrels remain in the UK - their survival is seriously threatened by pox virus and 2.5 million American grey squirrels which are less dependent on conifer forests - and are much happier to move into our gardens.

The PestOff feeder is the best selling squirrel proof bird feeder and is undoubtedly a range of feeders which includes seed feeders in a variety of different sizes and a bespoke peanut feeder and finch feeder.

Anyone who has ever tried to outwit a squirrel with a mechanical device knows how difficult this can be. Squirrels can climb polished steel poles. They can leap more than 6 feet. Their tails give them phenomenal balance, allowing them to effortlessly cross long lengths of thin wire. They can dig and, yes, they can even swim. Building a moat to protect your feeder from squirrels is not the answer!

We now stock the PestOff Squirrel proof bird feeder which has been designed to help you make squirrels' lives as difficult as possible when it comes to eating your bird food.