Enjoy Home-like Comfort on the Go with Travel Pillow

Back, shoulder and neck pain have become common health issues, both among the young and the old. Not only do they interfere in the day-to-day life affairs, they can also make traveling miserable for many. If you suffer from such pains frequently or want to avoid them when traveling, try using the Roamwild Surround Travel pillow. Here is how it helps:

  1. Maintenance of correct posture

 Often when we are traveling in an airplane, train or bus, we unknowingly slouch or take up a bad posture. The extended maintenance of such a posture results in acute pain in the neck, back and shoulders once we get up at the end of the journey. However, travel accessories such as a travel pillow, offer support to the body and encourage us to keep a healthy posture even on-the-go. In the process, we avoid any pain and ache and are able to relax without straining our body muscles.

  1. Comfort

For extended travels, comfort becomes an important factor that needs due consideration. If you’re traveling for long number of hours, especially in a sitting position, you can feel uncomfortable in the absence of sufficient back and neck support or cushioning. You might not be able to take a nap or enjoy a movie in the plane because of the discomfort. Travel companions such as the Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow, ensure that you stay relaxed by offering support to your neck and back. You can enjoy home-like comfort sitting in an airplane or other forms of travel by carrying your travel pillow with you.

The pillow is made using memory foam (not inflatable), which lends it the advantage of being firm as well as sufficiently supportive.

  1. The side pillows

A unique feature of the Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow is that it is equipped with two side pillows which are inflatable. It is possible to use either one of them or both of them as per your requirement. You can blow these up to a desired level of firmness and they offer extra side support. You can easily lean on the side, allow your head to rest and sleep using these side pillows.

How to use the side pillows: Ideally, you should inflate the side pillows when the plane has taken off and settled at a decent altitude to avoid any cabin pressure changes.

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