Gift an Airtushi Travel High Chair to a Mum-to-Be!

As much as we love to attend baby showers or even baby birthday parties, it can be quite a task to think of an appropriate gift for the mom-to-be or for the baby. There is almost a double (or even triple) of every kind of gift that is brought to the party. However, you now have an innovative, unique and extremely useful gifting idea for the little one - Airtushi Travel High Chair

Here are some reasons why the Airtushi Travel Booster Seat is an ideal baby shower or birthday gift for babies:

  1. It ensures safety of the baby

When you have been restricted from traveling for almost nine months during pregnancy, you look forward to moving out and taking a short vacation with your family. However, now family also means your new born angel! Airtushi makes it easier for you to take your baby along when planning a vacation. It is suitable for use for babies who are 6 months to three years old.

Airtushi is high on the safety aspect as it has a soft, semi-rigid structure which protects the child and prevents him/her from toppling out. Majority of the other baby booster seats in the market are equipped with simple fabric sides only.

  1. Ideal for airplane travel

The structure of the Airtushi booster seat is self-supporting and it has slots on the sides which allow it to be used comfortably on an airplane seat. It gives parents a place for holding the child firmly while feeding. It helps prevent any accidents and creates minimum mess. Another helpful feature of the Airtushi is that it is compact, which makes it an easy travel companion.

  1. Quick set up and deflation

Parents often find it difficult to handle booster seats because they take a lot of effort in setting up. On the other hand, Airtushi, once inflated, is easy to clip to a chair. The two straps only need to be attached around a chair.

Airtushi is also easy deflated. It comes with a unique non-return deflate and inflate valve, which encourages optimal inflation and also easy and fast deflation while traveling.

  1. Big on comfort

The Airtushi seat is completely padded and is soft to sit on. It means that the baby will not feel uncomfortable when seating on the Airtushi Travel Booster Seat. It also has an excellent back rest for additional comfort.

Surprise the mum-to-be with this innovative and modern gift for her baby.