Roamwild PestOff squirrel and pest proof bird feeder.

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THE CLAIMS Not only is this feeder 100% squirrel proof, it also keeps out rats and larger birds.


Keeping ingenious squirrels from nabbing expensive bird food can be a challenge. This bird feeder as a large squirrel baffle on the top, and springloaded perches that drop when anything heavier than a small bird lands on them, pulling down a door that closes the feeding holes. It has to be hung at least 45cm away from any structure, otherwise squirrels can reach it without touching the perches. This restricts where in the garden it can be hung. However, even when it was full it was light, so I could easily hang it from a small tree branch some distance from the main trunk. The blue tits certainly seemed happy with it. And while I couldn’t watch for squirrels or larger birds constantly, the peanuts didn’t disappear as fast as they tend to when feeders are being raided, so I assume they were kept at bay. Where to buy:

Which magazine reviews the pestoff squirrel proof bird feeder