Bionic Wrench Adjustable Spanner - A gripping Experience - So Many Uses.

This Design Of Adjustable Spanner is Truly Bionic!

It is hard for me to resist new and ingenious tools, and a set of these adjustable wrenches was temptation I could not avoid. In a limited size tool box, they make it possible to cover a wide range of SAE and metric sizes with a couple of these wrenches.

bionic wrench

Very ingenious design, and it should stand up well to medium heavy duty use. If your application requires a very heavy "graunch" , you are probably better off with a set of forged box wrenches, so I would not recommend this product for a heavy duty truck repair shop … but it just might be rugged enough even for that application. But for everyday duty duty use, it looks like a winner, especially if you have limited space in your tool kit. And the bonus is that it should work equally well with SAE or metric fasteners.

I ordered 2 different sizes of the Loggerhead Tools Adjustable Bionic Wrenches & I'm glad I did. They are easy to use, sturdy, and very well made. The Loggerhead Wrench grips the item (like a nut or a part) very well. It's easy to crank with simple twists of the hand/wrist. I like that it is 'Made in America'. I have large hands and I have no problem getting a grip on the Loggerhead Tools Adjustable Bionic Wrench.

The Bionic Stud Wrench is so easy and ideal to use on horse studs - no more guessing at stud sizes. This stud wrench adjusts easily by squeezing and turning; it distributes equal force on all sides of the stud. Will not slip, strip or round-off fasteners. It's easy on your knuckles, too. Corrosion resistant.

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