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Worth sharing this.  Below is the testing feedback from the Roamwild PestOff Chicken Feeder Product Development – Maybe something to be excited about!

So is the rat proof and vermin proof chicken feeder we have all been waiting for?

Rick Lopes Product User Trials Testing feedback:

Setting the Scene:

My previous feeder was empty every day so I'm sure that it was the rats as well as the chickens eating the feed. A rat came into the chicken coop this morning while I was there and the chickens chased it away.  I have 8 chickens and the previous feed consumption was huge. I've got 4 poison rat traps set out, Keep the coop clean, fill all the rat holes with rocks and gravel, but still have a rat problem. I'm hoping that your feeder will rid my chicken coop of the rats. If they can't get to the feed, hopefully they will leave. I will keep you posted over the next weeks on how it's going.

The results:

1/The feed is being consumed at a steady rate each day. After a short learning curve, I'm pretty sure that all the chickens are using the feeder.

2/Spillage has stopped. This was a huge problem with my old feeder. Birds would fly into the hen house and spill a lot of feed while eating from the feeder. This gave the rats plenty of feed on the floor in easy reach. In addition, the rats could climb down the rope and access the feed from the top as my old feeder had no hood. 

3/Rats can't access the feed in the feeder from the top due to the hood, and from the bottom due the sliding door.

4/ I can leave the chicken coop door to the chicken run open 24 hours a day. Even if the rats come in, they can't get to the feed.

5/ I no longer see rats when I enter the chicken area. I haven't seen a new rat hole in several days. I was seeing them daily. It appears the rats are going somewhere else where they can access a food source.

I am super happy with your feeder. It is a winner. It appears to have solved my rat problem. I was considering getting rid of my chickens if I couldn't find a solution. 

I will continue to send you updates in the weeks ahead.  I've attached a photo of one of my chickens using the feeder.

Thank you again for your great customer support. Please feel free to add my comments to your review pages

James, please be sure to add me to your waiting list for the feeder when it becomes available again. I'll need two.

best regards,


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