If you’re reading this you’re probably considering or have considered buying a bird feeder. I will attempt to convince you that not only do regular bird feeders burn money, but at the end of the day, they just don’t work and in fact end up feeding pests rather than the beautiful song birds that we all know and love.


4 Reasons NOT To Buy A Regular Bird Feeder


1) Squirrels and other pests will destroy the feeder

This is the number one complaint people express about regular bird feeders. It is extremely common for pests to chew through and wreck a bird feeder making it completely unusable.


2) Squirrels and other pests such as Magpies, Pigeons and Crows will steal all the food!

As well as the pests destroying your bird feeder - they will also easily steal the food so your garden birds will now go hungry! Let’s also not forget the time, money and effort you’ve spent on buying bird seed and setting up the feeder only for the squirrels to ruin everything… Sounds like a waste of time money and effort to me!


3) Most bird feeders are not made of good quality materials

Bird feeders are usually made from plastic or other low grade materials – this therefore makes them extremely vulnerable to the weather and will deteriorate very quickly.


4) Seed Clogging

Most bird feeders are not weather proof. This means that, when it rains the bird seed in the feeder will clog up and be ruined, now you have to struggle to empty the feeder and buy more bird seed – yet again, more wasted money you’ve spent on this incompetent bird feeder! 



After reading this, you’re probably thinking there’s no point in even attempting to feed garden birds, well… then you’d be wrong. Lucky for you squirrel proof bird feeders solve all these problems and ensure that only song birds feed and puts a stop to all pests. Trust me when I say, it’s worth spending a little more extra money on a high quality squirrel proof bird feeder as I can guarantee that you will save money almost immediately on not only not having to buy more bird feeders but also you will save a fortune on bird seed.