Pigeons orginally inhabited on sea side cliffs, when cities were developed the pigeons quickly moved in. This was because a building to a pigeon was just like cliff - pigeons were uniquley suited to city life. Infact from the Egyption times to Rome to the early 20th century, pigeons were enjoyed by humans as food.

 So why do we hate pigeons now?

Many people strongly believe that pigeons cause and spread disease. Pigeons are known to be susceptible to disease like tuberculosis however no more than any other wild animal, critics argue because of the collsal population of pigeons they have good reason to raise this point.

Evolution also plays a role as to why we dislike pigeons. Back in cavemen times birds were a lot bigger and we were unsure of their behaviour. Human survival instinct makes us play it safe when encountering aniamls we are uncertain about. We still carry this trait which is why a lot of people dislike pigeons.

Pigeons are also considered a pest, they're not the best looking specie and can be a hassle in the garden, especially when you are trying to feed all those gorgeous wild birds that come to visit. That's why we've designed a completly pigeon proof bird feeder so only the wild birds can feed. 

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