Are Travel Pillows Worth It?

Are Travel Pillows Worth It?


They are something you see in every airport and airplane you have ever been in or on, a travel neck pillow. But, is it worth buying a neck pillow? Do they really help, or do they just make you look a bit silly? With so many types and styles of pillow out there on the market, which one should you choose to best suit your needs?

What Actually Is A Travel Neck Pillow?

Travel neck pillows are usually designed in a ‘horse-shoe’ type shape, which is so that it sits around your neck and provides support and comfort making sleeping easier on various forms of transport etc. 

What Should You Look For When You Are Investing In A Travel Neck Pillow?


When it comes to travel pillows and sleeping, comfort is obviously the key priority. You want something where you can rest your head in all sorts of positions depending on your preference.

Often when you are using a pillow you are sitting in an upright seat, such as when on a long haul flight. You most likely will need something that will support your head and neck whilst you sleep. The problem with a lot of pillows, is that they are fine and comfortable when you are awake, but as soon as you nod off, your head tips forward causing stress and strain to your neck muscles, and therefore causing pain and discomfort once you wake up.


Travel neck pillows can be great, at first. Sometimes, though, after a few uses, they start to sag and get less firm. This can be because of the quality of the materials used to produce the pillow. The interior filling can sometimes be less durable, and will shift over time, or collapse, reducing the pillow’s efficiency.


One of the big problems with travel pillows is that can be awkward to carry around with you. This can be because they are too large, and do not fold down for easy transportation. So, getting one that can be compacted, or that can clip onto your luggage etc is a great thing to look out for.


When looking for a pillow, you should spend enough that the pillow will be good enough quality and will last. Like sunglasses or shoes etc, if you buy cheap ones, you’ll probably regret it pretty quickly, as you will only need to replace it sooner. However, that does not mean you have to break the bank or go for the most expensive.

The highest price does not always equal the best product. A great example of a pillow which has great quality, and amazing versatility, without breaking the bank, is The Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow AIR. It can be used in multiple ways, providing the ultimate comfort for all types of travel situations and travel needs. It has 2 inflatable side supports which can be individually inflated and angled forwards or backwards for your preferred positioning.

It has 5 unique user modes, making it one of the most versatile pillows on the market. These modes are: normal • one side up • both sides up • partially inflated • backwards.It also has twin air valve technology for optimised inflation and rapid deflation, and it compacts down to a quarter of its size when deflated, to be easily stored under the tray table or in a carry bag/hand luggage or any travel bags. Priced at only £9.99, it is definitely one of the best value, yet most impressive, travel pillows you can ever want when you are on the move.

Check out the Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow AIR now.

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  • Mandy Gasson