Why We Love The PestOff Bird Feeder (And You Should Too)
The PestOff Bird Feeder
The bird feeder that isn't just squirrel proof but also completely pest proof too!
This squirrel proof bird feeder now comes in 4 different variants and all are both squirrel proof and pest proof:
  • Mixed seed 
  • Peanut 
  • Nyjer seed
  • Suet ball
The fact that this bird feeder is fully pest proof means that The PestOff feeder could pay for itself in only 3 weeks - YOU SAVE MONEY!
Did you know:
Squirrels & large birds can eat at least 3kg bird seed from bird feeders per week if allowed.  Of course the PestOff Bird Feeder STOPS this waste, so you will use far less bird seed!
Customer Reviews:
  • This is really effective at stopping the squirrels from eating the food. They've tried but have given up and don't bother any more. The birds were eating from it within a few minutes of hanging it up so there was no problem with them getting used to it. It is a bit fiddly to undo the clips to fill up and needs to be firmly pushed back together so that it's done up firmly. It is a bit more expensive than other feeders but as squirrels have broken other feeders I've had it will be a saving in the long run.


  • These are really squirrel proof! We have tried a lot of other designs, but found this is the only one that works. And it's crazy, because some of the birds are pretty big, but they know how to land so that THEIR weight doesn't close the feeder. We have two of these and can't keep them filled, the birds eat so much (and we watch from the porch, so we know it's birds :-) We'll probably be buying more soon. Definitely recommend!