Did you know that you can now get an Inflatable Travel Chair Booster Seat? It's called the Airtushi, and it's the ideal solution for a baby booster seat for you holidays or days out. It will fold down flat and fit inside your baby changing bag! You can pick up this innovative seat for just £19.99

The idea of the Airtushi is that it's a convenient collapsible travel high chair that will fit into bag or under a pram or pushchair. It's quick and easy to inflate and deflate, and will fit to any size chair so it’s great for use when camping, going out to restaurants or visiting family and friends.

The Airtushi has rigid sides to prevent sideways toppling, plus has a padded seat, backrest and sides to make it safe and comfy for your little one.

For extra security, there is a crotch post and bumper bar to help sitting up, giving you peace of mind., and it has straps to attach it to a chair plus a three point harness to keep baby secure. It is also wipe clean and quick drying in case of spillages.

It includes a carry bag, and is suitable for children from 7kg to 15kg and from 3 months upwards.

Reviews are great, and I can think of many occasions where I would have used this for my kids had it been around when they were little.