The Perfect Rat Proof Chicken Feeder?

Here at Homgar we have exclusivity to something very unique - the PestOff Feeding Range.

We have created A Rat Proof Chicken Feeder.

What does this mean?

It's a:

- Rat Proof Feeder

- Pigeon Proof Feeder

- Mouse Proof Feeder

- Squirrel Proof Feeder

- Large Bird Proof Feeder

Did you know a rat can eat between 12 and 20g of seed a day - meaning this feeder will save you money, the feeder pays for itself!



Customer Reviews:

Wow! :-) what's great about this and I ended up buying two is that it's seriously has reduced the amount of food Wasted by the hens and yet they're able to access the food as they need it. The beauty of that is it significantly cut down the amount of rodent issues going for spilled food.
Couldn't be happier


We had what can only be described as a severe rat infestation around the coop. Because we keep the food inside the coop, which is sealed up at night, the rats had taken to romping around the coop and the yard all day. It was horrible. When I installed this new feeder, I put a motion-sensor camera on it so I could see if the rats were getting into it. The rats tried to get to it for a few days but after being unsuccessful for about a week, they completely moved away (I also drained our rain barrels into their holes under the coop around the same time). I haven't seen any rats since. I'm sure they are still in the neighbourhood at night but we are no longer their food source. Our old chickens just needed a day or so and some bread treats to figure out where the food was. This is one of the best products I've ever purchased!


After two weeks we've been shocked at how much feed we're saving when squirrels, jays and mice don't have free access to a regular hopper feeder. The hens adapted immediately and hanging it a bit above shoulder height is working great (to keep the squirrels from reaching in). Totally recommend this product.