Three Items You Need Every Time You Travel

The Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow AIR

The RoamWild Surround Travel Pillow Air is one of the more unique travel pillows on the market, with its innovative design - the entire travel pillow is inflatable including the adjustable sides added for additional side support. The fact that it's inflatable allows for the entire travel pillow to be deflated meaning its extremely easy to travel with!


Airtushi - The Inflatable Travel Highchair


The Airtushi is the only inflatable high chair on the market - It's perfect for travelling on the plane with, car journeys or anywhere really! It's so easy because it's portable - just deflate it and put it back in your bag when you're ready.


Armrest Buddy Travel Pillow & Blanket



Armrest Buddy allows you to turn any armrest into a comfy pillow - as well as this it comes with its own blanket. Your child can now easily fall asleep on journeys and allow you to get some rest at the same time!