The origins of bird feeding

Bird feeding has been a hobby and past time for many throughout time; in fact James Fisher, the famous author, naturalist and ornithologist wrote that bird feeding was first recorded in the sixth centaury by the monk known as Saint Serf of Fife who tamed a pigeon by feeding it.

 In the United Kingdom, people have always been passionate about bird feeding. During the harsh winters in the late 19thcentaury, national newspapers asked people to put out food for the birds to feed on. In 1910, bird feeding was described as a ‘national pastime’.

 The passion and devotion for bird feeding that has been shown by the United Kingdom has been incorporated into the Roamwild Pest Off Bird Feeder. A group of enthusiasts designed and implemented the key innovative function of making the Roamwild Pest Off Bird Feeder squirrel proof, which not only allows birds to enjoy and nourish on feed, but also enables one to enjoy the sight of watching birds feed on a bird feeder without any disruption.