Places to visit in the USA
New York? LA? Orlando? Been there done that. Here are some of the places that you really want to go:
  • Chicago - everyone flocks to New York, the infamous city where money never sleeps but really Chicago is the clean ‘Big Apple’.


  • Chicago has everything; a beautiful city built next to Lake Michigan where you can sunbathe in the Summer on the beaches. Incredible shopping and restaurants along Michigan Avenue. A clean and efficient subway system that allows travelling across the city manageable. Friendly people and great customer service allow your trip to be sweet and enjoyable. Museums, art galleries and beautiful architecture really sets this great city apart from the rest.


  • Hilton Head Island, South Carolina - a hidden gem. This small quaint island is easy to miss but really is a unique and spectacular site just a short drive from South Carolina main land. Located on a small island accessible by bridge, be prepared to put your swim suits on and enjoy a cocktail as you relax on the beach and enjoy the faculties that the resorts amongst the island offer. If you are visiting the east coast and want a quick beach holiday without having to travel down to Florida then make sure you take a break at Hilton Head Island.


  • Scottsdale, Arizona - This fabulous city provides breathtaking scenery and incredible resorts to enjoy with the family. The weather is fantastic all year round although can be very hot during the summer months. Within the resorts you can relax and admire spectacular views of the red mountains, or visit the golf courses and tee off with a view of the cliffs. This isn’t just a standard holiday resort, but one that provides breathtaking views and amazing scenery to admire and enjoy.
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