Do you know how much those pests weigh?

If you are someone who spends a lot of time in their garden, and you enjoy the sound of songbirds happily chirping away in the trees, you probably like to feed them too, to keep them happy! Sadly, there can be problems in doing this, as these beautiful little birds are not the only inhabitants of your garden who enjoy those yummy seeds and peanuts etc. Squirrels, rats and larger birds, such as magpies and crows, would like nothing better than to steal the food from that blue tit or greenfinch’s mouth! Most bird tables and feeders do not do anything to stop them from their robbing ways. However, the Roamwild PestOffBird Feeder does! It has weight activated perches, which close the port access to the feed,, when anything weighing more than 75 grams lands/climbs onto them. Below, we have given you a guide to the average weight of those pests, and of the songbirds, so that you can see the difference, and how effective this incredible design can be in deterring pests from your garden.


Grey Squirrel      – 450 – 700 grams

Red Squirrel       – 350 – 450 grams

Brown Rat           – 140 – 500 grams

Jackdaw             – 220 – 350 grams

Magpie               – 220 – 350 grams

Crow                   – 330 – 1600 grams



Blue Tit               – 9 – 12 ½ grams

Robin                  – 16 – 22 grams

Nuthatch             – 20 – 24 grams

Greenfinch          – 25 – 32 grams

Goldfinch            – 14 – 17 grams 

One slight exception to this weight ”rule” can be the woodpecker species. They generally weigh more than 70 grams. But, fear not, this is not a problem for The Roamwild PestOff Bird Feeder, as it has been designed to be woodpecker friendly! The woodpecker is able to grip the feeder from underneath and still be able to feed!

So, as you can see, there is quite a large difference in weight! The Roamwild PestOffBird Feeder’s 75 gram cut off means that more than one of the lovely little songbirds can perch on each port, and happily munch away on those seeds, before they get anywhere near the cut off weight. Whereas, not one of the pests will stand a chance of getting into the food! Available for as little as £24.99, and in multiple options for the type of feed it takes, the Roamwild PestOffBird Feeder is the perfect choice to keep your garden birds happy and full of song!