Why a Paint Roller is Better than a Spray Gun

Many people choose to use a spray gun to paint their walls, but the fact is that using a paint roller is a much better idea.

Spray guns might have some advantages, but they pale into insignificance when compared to the advantages that a paint roller has. Below you’ll find five reasons why you should invest in a good paint roller for your next painting project, while dumping the spray gun at the same time…


Spray guns might be able to blitz a wall in hardly any time at all, but the truth is that only the most experienced of users will be able to use them accurately. This means that less experienced users will find themselves spraying areas that they wanted to avoid, and could end up with huge overlaps. A paint roller won’t have this problem, as it is far more accurate and you have much more control over where the paint goes. The old proverb is certainly right here: slow and steady really does win the race!


Paint is not the cheapest of things to buy, especially if you’ve splashed out and bought an expensive brand. Therefore, why would you want to waste it? This is exactly what will happen when you use a spray gun, as you’ll spray unneeded paint onto different areas of the wall. The slower, more methodical method employed when rolling paint minimises waste though, and therefore saves you money.


Aside from the aforementioned cost of wasting paint, the cost of purchasing the painting equipment should also be taken into account. This is yet another area where a paint roller has the advantage, as they cost considerably less than a spray gun. Even a low quality spray gun costs around £50, while a PaintStick costs just £19.99. When the other factors in this article are considered, this means that a paint roller is much better value for money.

Ease of Use

When painting, you sometimes need to get up to slightly higher heights, and this is an area where the paint roller yet again has the advantage. If you’re using a spray gun, you’ll need to stand on furniture or a ladder to reach the top of a wall, which can take time and lead to some precarious situations. A long reach paint roller can be used to easily reach the higher places and will still provide an even covering of paint on the wall.


Finally, paint rollers make much less mess than a spray gun. This means much less mess to clear up when the project is finished, so you can sit down and have a cup of tea instead!