How to Polish Your Car Perfectly

Let’s face it: even if you have a top-spec Ferrari, it doesn’t look great unless the bodywork is polished and buffed to perfection.

That’s why car owners throughout the country are seen on their driveways every day, ensuring that their cars shimmer and shine. But there’s a real knack to getting your car polished perfectly (and it doesn’t involve going to the car wash) so keep on reading to find out how…

Wash It Properly

The first step to getting your car to shine is simple: make sure you wash it thoroughly, removing any traces of dirt and grime. It’s also really important that you use a high-quality car shampoo for this process, as lesser brands will still leave invisible dirt on your car. Once you’ve washed it, then wash it again, just to make sure you’ve done a perfect job.

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Get It Dry

It is absolutely vital that you get your car completely dry before moving on to the next step. To do this, use a good quality, absorbent towel, and don’t stop until you are 100% sure all the water has been removed. You’ll also be able to buff out any marks you might have previously missed during this process, although there shouldn’t be many at all.

Start Polishing

Firstly, make sure you use a good quality car polish, such as the ones found at this site. Start by placing a small amount on an applicator pad, and then begin to work the polish into the paint, ensuring that the spread is even throughout. Some recommend polishing in circles, while others prefer straight lines, so it’s entirely up to you which you choose.

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Buff Off the Excess

The final step is to get a good quality microfibre cloth and buff off the excess polish from your car, leaving a perfectly shiny and polished finish. If your car had significant marks on it before the process started, you might now need to apply the polish again though, and repeat the above steps. In the future though, one application of car polish should be more than sufficient to leave your car looking fantastic!


So, that’s the easy way to get your car looking absolutely fantastic, and it shouldn’t take an absolutely huge amount of time to do! What’s more, it should save you a considerable amount of money, as you won’t need to take your car to the local car wash anymore!