Five Cleaning Myths Debunked

In this age of the internet, there are many myths about cleaning that constantly pop up in message boards, forums and articles.

The problem is this: the vast majority are completely unfounded and could actually lead to more harm than good. So, below you’ll find five myths about cleaning that you shouldn’t believe…

White Wine Cleans Red Wine

According to many people, the perfect solution for clearing up spilt red wine is… to pour white wine over the stain. It will work to a certain extent, as some of the colour will disappear, but it will still leave a horrible mess on the floor. It makes sense to use a product designed for the task instead – and is probably a lot cheaper too!

Vinegar Removes Paint

Many people say that vinegar is the best way to remove paint from many surfaces, however they are entirely wrong. Firstly, the smell will be overpowering and lead to a room that absolutely stinks, and secondly it isn’t all that effective. Why bother spending all that time with vinegar when you could use a product like InstaLift instead, which works with a minimum of hassle and will remove 100% of the paint?

Hairspray Cleans Ink Stains

Ever spilled ink on the carpet? If so, you might have heard the rumour that hair spray will remove the stain. This used to be partially true, as hair spray used to contain a lot of alcohol, but now it isn’t the case. The best thing you can do is use InstaLift, which will remove ink quickly and doesn’t contain any harsh solvents.

Scratches are Permanent

Hardwood floors look fantastic, but they can easily become scratched – and many think that a scratch on their hardwood floor will be permanent. This is not true though, as there are many products out there able to fill in those scratches and make a floor look as good as new. Perhaps the best of these is Rejuvenate Floor Restorer, which will last for three months after application.

Cleaning Products Are Instant

Many people spray on their cleaning products, and then expect to be able to wipe away the stain instantly. This is not realistic though, and leads to poor results. The products need to have time to work, and should therefore be left to soak for a short while. Better products – such as InstaLift – will require less time though, leading to a much easier overall job.