Essential Accessories for Any Painting Project

Many people think that all they need is paint, a paint roller and a paint brush to paint a room, but they are very much mistaken.

This is because there are many accessories that should also be bought prior to beginning any painting project, so that it goes smoothly and so that you end up with the perfect finish. So, when you’ve bought your paint brushes, paint and paint roller, why not consider the accessories listed below?


Tape is really important, regardless of whether it is drywall tape or any other kind. Why? Because it allows you to tape off areas that shouldn’t be painted, and end up with a crisp, accurate finish. It also means that you don’t have to be quite so exact with your painting, meaning that the whole job takes a much shorter amount of time!

Small Paint Roller

You will probably already have a standard sized roller, but why not also consider a small paint roller as well? These allow you to get to those areas that standard paint rollers can’t reach, and are far less fiddly than a paintbrush. The FasTrim Edging Paint Roller is an example of a small paint roller, and is perfect for cutting in, as well as getting into smaller gaps.

Long Reach Paint Roller

If you’re going to be painting ceilings, or perhaps higher walls, a long reach paint roller is an essential tool. After all, do you really want to be standing on a chair or table with a standard paint roller, trying to reach the ceiling? With a long handle paint roller, you can move freely and complete the job in a much shorter time frame. The PaintStick is a perfect example of a great long reach paint roller, and even stores the paint in the handle, making for a much simpler task.

Panther Vision PowerCap

The Panther Vision PowerCap is specially designed to help you paint in darker areas, and means that you don’t have to balance painting with also holding a torch. It fits comfortably on the head and keeps you perfectly warm – making it perfect for painting outside – and shines a bright beam of light wherever you’re looking. The result? Perfect painting, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Paint Roller Servicing Kit

Paint rollers don’t last forever, so it is important to replace parts regularly. If you use the PaintStick, you’ll find a great servicing kit for it, which includes a new roller and other important parts. By servicing your roller regularly, you’ll be able to make sure your painting is absolutely perfect every time!