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With over 25 years experience with fine Japanese pull saws our team has developed the ultimate pull saw that encompasses the very best features and benefits all in one tool.

Main Features:

  • The saw has an incredible balance to it, making it easy to use and of great quality.
  • Perfect for both carpentry and garden work.
  • The blades are full removable making them easy to replace
  • The pull saw is as comfortable in cutting a large piece of sheet material or trimming the thinnest slither from the finest piece of hardwood.
  • The saw will give a smooth sanded finish on any wood or plastic. It can be used in any position.
  • The three point sharpened teeth are hardened, with a minimal set and specially cut on extremely high quality steel. So cutting on the pull stroke is effortless.
  • It can flush cut without damaging the surface it is resting on.
  • The Roamwild Multi Pull Saw has a general carpentry edge along the base of its blade and a fine cut edge at a perfect angle along the top of the blade.
  • Included in the ergonomic style handle is a tac hammer and a nail puller


48cm x 7cm x 0.5 cm

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