New Dryel at-Home Upgraded Dry Cleaning Starter Kit with Stain Pen & Wrinkle Spray


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Dryel is a unique patented "at-home dry cleaning" product. It cleans and refreshes special care garments that typically would be taken to a professional dry cleaner or hand-washed. Consumers use it for sweaters, blouses, jackets, & dresses ...even throw pillows and stuffed animals! Dryel offers a highly effective solution which is easy to use without the need for buying an expensive new appliance. Simply tumble clothes in the dryer for 15 to 30 minutes. Dryel helps to keep clothes looking newer, longer since it does not use harsh chemicals or subject clothes to another "wash/dry" cycle...resulting in no fading, no shrinking, no stretching.

Main Features

  • NEW Upgraded Dryel - Includes: 2 x Longer lasting odor control, 4 x Patented steam cleaning bag, 1 x NEW Stain Pen included, 1 x Odor & Wrinkle Spray & 50% larger more effective cloth - safe for silk & rayon
  • Dryel is a unique patented "at-home dry cleaning" product that actually works! simply place garments in the special bags with the cleaning cloth (all included in the box)and then put in tumble drier for 15 mins and it is as simple as that. Never go to the dry cleaners again!
  • Cleans 4 Loads, up to 20 Garments in ONLY 15 minutes - Uses No harsh chemicals. Heat from the dryer activates the moist Dryel cloth to create a gentle steam cleaning environment inside the specially designed fabric protection bag.
  • A vapor of patented cleaning agents gently remove odors and body soils from the clothes leaving them clean & smelling fresh.
  • The proprietary & multi-use Fabric Protection Bag protects clothing from the heat of the dryer which can cause shrinking and fading and keeps the cleaning vapor contained for maximum penetration of the clothes. The Dryel Fabric Protection Bag is a critical element to protect your garments and optimize the cleaning process.

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