Mister Landscaper irrigation system


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A simple robust irrigation kit - does what is says!  Now you can water all your plants at one time at the turn of a tap or on a timer.

Product description:

  • A Favourite! This Micro-Spray Starter Kit waters up to 250 sq. ft. of landscapes, gardens, shrubs, trees and more!
  • 50-ft (15m) of 1/2-in poly tubing to run through landscapes to supply water to 5 Trademarked Green Landscape Micro-Spray Stake Assemblies.
  • 5 Micro-Stake Assemblies are included with a 10 GPH violet flow controller, 27-in flexible green vinyl tubing, 13-in green clip stake, on/off valve to adjust spray distance, vinyl locking collar and a 3-in-1 Swap Top® Micro-Spray that gives you a 180° and a 165° half-circle 4-ft radius spray patterns with the Orange Swap Top® and a 320° flat-fan 6-ft diameter spray pattern with the green G-shaped Micro-Spray.
  • Kit includes 8 additional spray patterns, with the 6 bonus micro-sprays and one being the 3-in-1 Swap Top® Micro-Spray.

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