AIR BUBBLER MOTION DECORATION- superb detailed moving ornament that connects to air pump and “comes alive” by moving with the air bubbles


Style: Anaconda
In stock


  • Hand painted detail by skilled artists, not to be confused with inferior versions
  • The ultimate functional decoration for your aquarium
  • Made from resin, easy to clean
  • Simply connect to the air pump (not included)
  • Gives your aquarium that wow factor that will amaze friends and family
  • Shipped from the UK by a UK company

Size of: Anaconda, Hipo, Skull, Dinosaur and Waving Skull, 4.6” (length) x 2.5” (width) x 2.6” (height),

Size of Dinosaur Skeleton: 8.2” (length) x 4” (width) x 3.6” (height), this will fit easily in any aquarium

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