Official Universal Despicable Me Minion Armrest Buddy™

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Official Universal Despicable Me Minion Armrest Buddy™

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Most travel pillows are not a practical solution for young children whilst travelling.  Either the fit of the neck pillow is wrong for their little necks or the child simply will not wear them. The Minion Armrest Buddy solves this problem. It is a fun simple but ingenious idea of using the armrest on a plane seat as a cushion to comfort and support little ones allowing them to sleep on a flight or sit comfortably and warm whilst being entertained. It comes as your favourite minion plush fun pillow and soft blanket which stores neatly together. It's the most portable and practical travel pillow solution for kids.

Main Features:

  • A plush well-padded fun character that fits onto any armrest and doubles up as a pillow or super soft leaning area.
  • Also includes a generously sized kids travel blanket. Made from soft plush material, this keeps them warm whilst travelling long or short haul, and when not in use the child’s blanket neatly stores inside the soft toy.
  • Ideal for kids travelling by plane, car, bus, coach, train or ferry.
  • Made from all premium and hand washable fabrics.
  • It also stops children from putting their face on dirty armrests, improving overall hygiene.
  • Not recommended for use for children under the age of 1.5 years old.


30 x 15 x 15 cm

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