The amazing New Roamwild Car Crack Vac – An ideal gift for the car or home owner!

The Roamwild Car Crack Vac is the brand new compact clean up tool for those little inside clean up jobs that we all have inside our car and home. It is a completely unique product with so many useful features designed into it. It has been designed by an ex Dyson engineer, so, as with all Roamwild products, you can be sure that the performance is exceptional!

It has a multitude of built in features, all in one single compact product which fits almost anywhere, in a glove box, centre console, or drawer.

It’s amazing built-in debris pick up system, is a hand rolling beater bar, which makes easy work of cleaning up those annoying small areas of dirt that get dragged into the car. It has a magnetic release debris tray, which is as quick and easy to empty as the press of a button.

Both sides of the Car Crack Vac are coated in luxurious velour lint-catching fabric, which is perfect for coaxing any pet hair or dust of any interior surface of your car or home, such as car seats, dashboards or sofas and work tops. 

There is an incredible magnetic crack retrieval tool, which is a thin extending 360 degree rotational tool. This can be used to hook, push or flick any object, such as keys, coins or even phones out from under tight spaces, like under your car seat or beneath the kitchen fridge.

The bright built-in LED light is incredibly useful for looking in any dark areas of your car or home, or even under your car bonnet and in the engine. Surrounding the light is a neodymium hoop magnet, so that when you find what you are looking for you can easily grab it and pull it out.

The Car Crack Vac also has two different brushes. One is a stiff bristled debris brush, which is ideal for tight spaces. The deliberately stiff bristles mean it really does its job quickly and easily. The second is a soft delicate bristle brush which can be used to clean those more delicate parts of your car interior etc such a brushing dust off air vents, dashboards, computer keyboards or other nooks and crannies.

The Roamwild Car Crack Vac really is an invaluable tool for anyone who has a car or caravan, or just for any little job around your house. It even has Roamwild’s amazing guarantee built in – If you are not 100% satisfied, we will give you your money back! Buy yours now from