How To Travel On A Budget

There are a number of travel tips that can save the savvy traveller time and money. 

  1. Pack light

Try and take carry-on bags only. People assume this is hard to do but it really isn’t. Plan what you are going to wear each day and night of your trip and stick to the plan. That way you won’t take excessive amount of clothes. If you do need more you can always buy abroad. 


Furthermore, there is a way of packing to maximise space. Socks and underwear can be neatly folded or bundled at the bottom of your carry bag, anything other than sweaters can be rolled or neatly folded in a synchronised position. Generally with airlines your allowed one personal item in addition to your carry-on bag and you can also pack small items in those as well.

  1. Airline loyalty schemes

Always join the airline loyalty scheme. You can then download their app, check in online, secure good seats and collect points and miles which can be used for your next trip. 


  1. Economy seating

With the right travel accessories and seat position, for the average sized individual - economy seating should provide more than enough comfort on a reputable airline. So paying for premium could be construed as a waste of money. Here’s why - if you can book a window seat and use a travel pillow that actually works such as the Roamwild surround travel pillow - you’ll be able to carve out your own cosy personal space, and if your travelling with someone else they can use the middle seat next to you then you are unlikely to be disturbed throughout the entire flight. 


  1. Arriving at the airport on the other end.

As you have no luggage, once you’re through customs they’ll be no more delays and If available you’ll be able to take public transport which will save you time and money. 

Now you can enjoy your trip because returning home will be just as easy.