What Birds Could You See at Your Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?

One of the joys of having a garden is watching the birds flying in and out, filling the air with their songs.

If you want to attract birds to your garden, you’ll need to provide them with food – and preferably place this food in a squirrel proof bird feeder, so that it isn’t stolen by squirrels or other pests, such as rats. But what types of birds are you likely to see when you place a squirrel resistant bird feeder in your garden?

The Roamwild PestOff Bird Feeder is an ideal solution if you only wish to feed songbirds and not pests.


Sparrows are the most common garden birds in the UK, as they rely heavily on humans to provide them with food. They also stay in the UK throughout the year, so during the winter will need some extra food, as well as a place to shelter. If you provide both of these, you’ll see loads of them in your garden!

Blue Tits

There was a time when blue tits were on the decline, however they have made a dramatic comeback, and are now the second most common bird found in UK gardens. Blue tits absolutely love mealworms, so if you want to attract them, you should ensure your squirrel proof bird feeder is able to dispense this type of food.


Starlings might not be the most glamorous of garden birds, but they still need feeding just as much as all the other visitors to your garden. There is a slight problem though: starlings tend to be pretty greedy, and can end up taking all the food before other birds get a chance. To stop this happening, make sure you get a bird feeder that can be used by multiple birds at the same time.


Blackbirds are some of the most welcome visitors to any garden, thanks to their beautiful song. If you want your garden filled with their melodies, it is best to fill your squirrel proof bird feeder with flaked maize, as this is one of their favourite foods. You should see them in your garden quite a lot, as they are one of the UK’s most common birds – although numbers have been slowly falling for a while.


The number of robins in the UK is currently on the decline, however they are still pretty common in gardens throughout the country. Robins like to cling onto the mesh of a bird feeder, so it is important to purchase one with this feature if you want to attract them. They are the only garden birds to sing during the winter, so you definitely want them in your garden during the winter months!

The Roamwild PestOff Bird Feeder is an ideal solution if you wish to feed only songbirds and not pests.

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