The Pros and Cons of the Top 3 Bird Feeders


There are a number of different bird feeders on the market, so deciding on which one to buy can often be tricky.

To help you choose, we’ve produced this guide to the three best bird feeders out there, so you can buy with absolute confidence…

3) Cage Feeder

We’ve put all cage feeders together, as they are pretty much all the same. They hold bird food in place properly, and can be hung out of the reach of certain pests. But what about pests such as squirrels and rats – pests that can easily scale a tree to reach the tasty morsels inside? Well, with a cage feeder, the squirrels won’t be hungry for long, as they’ll easily be able to steal all the food inside. For this reason, we’d recommend a squirrel proof bird feeder instead.

2) Squirrel Buster Mini

The Squirrel Buster Mini is a squirrel proof bird feeder – as the name suggests! It works by using the weight of the squirrel to its disadvantage, as when the squirrel hangs on the feeder, the feeding ports will close and block access to food. When a bird sits on the perch though, the weight is not sufficient to stop them feeding – plus the wire mesh allows for extra perching room.

There are a few issues with this squirrel proof bird feeder though, with one being the fact that there’s only a very small rain protector on the top, meaning that inclement weather can spoil the bird feed. What’s more, the mesh – although great for birds – can easily be damaged by gnawing squirrels, allowing them to potentially break in.

1) PestOff

The PestOff squirrel proof bird feeder is the market leader, and for good reason. With individually spring loaded feeding ports and a strong body – specially designed to prevent pests from causing any damage – it is regarded by Which? magazine as one of the best bird feeder on the market. It not only prevents squirrels from stealing food, but is also proven to stop large birds and rats as well.

Perhaps the best thing about the PestOff squirrel proof bird feeder is this though: it comes in three different designs, each of which is specially built to contain different types of food (mixed seed, peanuts and nyjer seeds). This means that they dispense food perfectly, never getting blocked and stopping birds from feeding. PestOff really is the number one bird feeder on the market, so why not see why for yourself?
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