Five of the Best Winter Bird Foods

Squirrel proof bird feeders are undoubtedly great for keeping your bird food safe, but what you put inside them is equally as important

During the winter, birds all but rely on us – especially in the cities – to make their time an easier one. But what exactly should you be putting in your squirrel proof bird feeder during the winter months?


Humans and birds alike love peanuts, and they are packed with fat – meaning that birds can stay plump throughout the winter. They’re also inexpensive to buy, meaning that you don’t have to break the bank to keep your garden birds happy! The PestOff squirrel proof bird feeder comes in a design specially designed to dispense peanuts, while also providing the answer to that age old question of how to stop squirrels eating bird food.


Black Sunflower Seeds


Black sunflower seeds are also a great food to place in your squirrel resistant bird feeder – but why black ones specifically? Well, the answer comes in the amount of oil they contain, as they are much higher in this essential ingredient than standard sunflower seeds. Like peanuts, you’ll be able to find a PestOff squirrel proof bird feeder that’s specially designed to hold sunflower seeds.


Nyjer Seeds

You might not have heard of nyjer seeds before, but birds – especially goldfinches – absolutely love them. They are tiny black seeds and they are really high in oil, making them really healthy, however their size means that they need a special type of bird feeder to hold them. Don’t worry though, as there’s yet another type of PestOff squirrel resistant bird feeder, which is designed to hold nyjer seeds perfectly.



While mealworms are a slightly more expensive food to place in squirrel proof bird feeders, they are worth it, as they are a natural foodstuff and are loved by birds of all types. Dried mealworms are the best type to use, as they do not run the risk of going off and making birds ill. If you want to feed birds using mealworms, the PestOff mixed seed design is perfect.


Bird Seed Mixture

There are many bird seed mixtures on the market, but how do you know which are the best ones? Well, the best ones generally have a mix of sunflower seeds, peanuts and maize. This is because these foods all have their own individual merits, all of which are great for birds. Why not try them in your squirrel resistant bird feeder?
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