Battery Operated Advantages | Why chose LED candles over normal wax candles?

7 Reasons Why Our Candles Are Amazing!

  1. They are made from real wax.
  2. They include a real wick.
  3. Lightly scented.
  4. Patented Design.
  5. Creates no mess.
  6. Completely safe.
  7. Ever lasting (batteries must be changed)

the best battery candles

Indulge in the world of real wax imitation candles! At Homgar we ensure our quality is high and prices the best around, with an ever growing range of battery LED candles you're in the right place to stock up. You'll find most of our candles are hand made with real wax and feature an impeccable LED bulb animation to imitate the natural flicker of a flame.

  • "Electric", "LED" or "Battery" candles use batteries to power an LED light that looks just like a real candle.
  • No risk of fire or burning, no melted wax, no mess or fumes.
  • They are easy to switch on and off, some even blow out like the real thing!

Flameless candle trios, which are beautifully embossed with a lattice design and are battery operated with a handy timer function. The perfect gift for family and friends, spread joy all year round with these realistic, flickering flameless candles.

Discover Battery Candles today, we stock everything from Tea lights to Tapers, Real wax and melted wax effect silicone, order your Battery candles here!

Our favorite real wax scented varieties are perfect to warm any home, also perfect for those in the hospitality industry together with our tealights and votives.

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