New Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder from Roamwild - Pest-Off Bird Feeder - Not just 100% squirrel proof also pest proof!

Finally - A squirrel proof bird feeder that works - NEW PRODUCT - the Pest-Off bird feeder by Roamwild is not just 100% squirrel proof but is also pest proof.  Designed, developed and tested, this bird feeder is has been designed by an ex-Dyson Design engineer and really does work.  Each seed access port is individually spring loaded, so anything heavier than a songbird will shut off the food ports.  With many other pest proof features designed in the product is also easy to fill and easy to clean.  It also comes at a price that will not break the bank and comes in 3 different variants, mixed seed, peanut and nyjer seed, so you can feed all species of songbird.  This bird feeder really is better than then rest!


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