A bird feeder that is Parakeet proof - The Roamwild Pest-Off bird feeder is also rat proof too!

We were asked the below question today from Claire:  

I have just received some of these feeders and it will be very interesting to see if they are parrot proof as there are lots of ring necked parakeets around London that plague bird feeders.


Do you know if the feeder is parakeet proof?

If it is I would suggest you market these around the London area as many bird feeders are raided by parrots and the parrots deter smaller birds from feeders.

Thanks Claire.

This is a very interesting question and one we have had to do some research on.

In theory yes, the Pest-Off Bird feeder should be Parakeet proof - they weigh between 100-150g.  Perch deflects at 65g-70g.  If anyone can confirm this by witness then that would be much appreciated - just send in your pictures please!

Ring-necked Parakeet

Mostly emerald green with very long tail, and pink and black neck ring.
Psittacula krameri
Length: 38-42 cm  (15-17")
Wing Span: 42-48 cm  (17-19")
Weight: 100-150 g  (3½-5½ oz)

Like the male, but no neck ring.
Breeding Pairs: 5 000
Present: All Year
Status: Green
Pest-off bird feeder