Fastrim Cutting in paint roller - NO Masking tape required.

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Fastrim painting roller product features:

  • NO MASKING TAPE REQUIRED - built in paint guard makes this edging roller unique.
  • The only roller that cuts in like a brush, but is MUCH FASTER
  • Patented 'Paint Shield system' to avoid paint bleeding and messy edges
  • SAVES TIME- 50-60% faster than traditional tools.
  • Air tight tray cover keeps paint and roller fresh between uses


Verified Purchase
when i received this item.i did not follow the instructions properly which is very important i contacted the seller who was kind enough to instruct me how to use it.he was very helpful.i tried it as works great.a real time saver.everyone who is about to paint a room should have will save you a lot of time.i would buy another one in a second.thank you amazon for another great seller
Verified Purchase
I was skeptical because we've all tried other systems that sucked in the past. This actually works watch the how to vids on YouTube and get after it! So happy I hate taping!
Verified Purchase
The product really works. I saved a ton of aggravation and time. It leaves a perfect roller texture so I don't see the cut in lines. I simply won't start another paint job without the Fastrim Roller.