Spyder Starter Kit Spyder- Turn your recip saw into a floor tile remover, demolition tool


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Spyder Starter Kit Tools for Recipricating Saws

  • Grout Out tool for removing grout lines

  • Re-sharpenable Scraper blade for removal of tiles, vinyl, Lino, Glue, Paint and rubber backed carpers

  • Bore Blade with plunge cut, rounded nose eliminating pilot holes, cuts wood, Pipe, Sheet metal, plastic and nails.

Product Description:

These attachments for Recipricating Saws will degrout, strip lino,paint, adhesive, like no other tool you have ever used. Conquer tough jobs with unmatched speed, accuracy and ease. Saves hours of time, tools you'll love for the jobs you don't. Ideal for Cutting wood, metal, roofing shingles, plastic and metal pipes.  Removing paint or floor adhesive.  Removing grout from floor and wall tiles. Removing tiles, Lino, adhesive and even wall paper.

Box Contains

1 x Grout out Blade, Scraper Blade, Bore Blade

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