Premium Deluxe Ceramic Porcelain Glazed Look Composite Succulent Plant Pot Indoor & Outdoor House Flower Planter With Drainage Hole (15'' / 38cm)


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These beautifully designed ceramic looking glazed plant pots are not only extremely robust and durable making them impossible to smash/crack but they are also exceptionally lightweight making them easy to carry and transport. These flower planters are perfect for both outside and inside home decoration which offer a warm and contemporary ambience. Each planter has a drainage hole allowing water in the soil to drain freely ensuring healthier roots for your plants.      

  • These are the only plant pots that look identical to ceramic plant pots and are made out of composite material, meaning they are completely smash proof. 
  • Beautifully designed elegant ultra-realistic glazed ceramic looking plant pots. 
  • Enjoy the look and design of a premium ceramic plant pot and not worry about smashing or cracking. 
  • A crucial drainage hole is at the bottom of the plant pots. This allows water in the soil to drain freely so adequate air is available for the roots. Healthy roots mean healthier plants.
  • With their unique design these plant pots are robust and lightweight making them easy to move and transport whilst at the same time having a very sturdy construction ensuring they stay in place.
  • Size 15'' / 38cm

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