NRG Garden Hand Tools - The Lightweight Tools with a Lifetime Guarantee

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NRG Garden Hand Tools - The Lightweight Ergonomic Tools with a Lifetime Guarantee

  • Lifetime Guarantee against rust and rot

  • Soft green circular ergonomic handles that reduce the stress on the joints

  • Lightweight aluminum/magnesium alloy blades

Many garden tools can soon become uncomfortable to use, even painful after a short time due to their awkward design.  NRG (Natural Radius Grip) tools are different.  Age old tools have been revised and scientifically designed to do the hard work for you to maximize efficiency, minimize effort and reduce strain and injury to muscles, wrists and ankles...ideal for those who suffer from rheumatism, arthritis or repetitive strain injury!

Tools Available:

  • NRG Digging Fork

  • NRG Shovel

  • NRG Edger

  • NRG Weeder

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