Make Your Own Plantable Christmas Cards and Tags - Pack Of 6


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Make someone’s Christmas special by making it personal.

Not only can you now personalise your Christmas greeting cards but you can do it in an eco-friendly way. Our Christmas card kit is fully plantable meaning when you have finished displaying them, instead of throwing them away, you can plant them allowing them to grow into beautiful flowers.

Stick the seeded shapes on your Christmas cards to make them stand out! Or simply use them as eco-friendly Christmas tags and decorations.

Pack includes; 6x plain seeded cards, 6x regular envelopes, 3x seeded Christmas tree shapes and 3x seeded Christmas stocking shapes

Our seeded cards are made from 100% recycled paper and actually grow into flowers when planted! The paper is made from a unique manufacturing process which impregnates the card with flower seeds. When planted, each handmade seed paper sheet acts like mulch to retain moisture for the seeds.

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