4 x White Illuminarie Plant Quencher


Size: Small
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  • PREMIUM HAND BLOWN GLASS QUENCHERS -They are all handmade and made of thickened glass with beautiful multicolour colour swirls.
  • VERY EASY TO USE - Fill water into bulbs, make a hole in the soil and press the bulb into the hole, then it will dripping automatically to water plants.
  • SAVES YOU TIME – Using these quenchers you do not need to water plants every day, the water held in the mushroom bulbs and stem can feed the plants up to 1 to 3 weeks. (The duration depends the plant size you choose to water).
  • DUAL PURPOSE – These quenchers are a practical watering equipment for your plants, but meanwhile they bring colour and look like a beautiful ornament inside your home or garden pots. Perfect for any kinds of plants, flowers, herbs indoors or outdoors. Now no need to worry about your plants when you are away!
  • 4 PACK - Each pack includes 4 of the same quencher – each one has its own individual colour swirl character. The quencher size is 5CM x 12CM with 100ML Volume.

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