Illuminarie - Glass Flower Stake - Butterfly Bath

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Our opulent glass flowers collect fresh rainwater making them a natural rest stop for visiting butterflies. Attracts butterflies to you garden.  The tiny luminescent crystals found in the petals absorb sunlight during the day and at night emits a warm soothing glow for up to several hours. Our glass flowers are individually crafted by artisans in the time honoured  tradition of glass blowing, ensuring the unique character of each piece and that no two are exactly alike.

Simply stake the metal holder in a location where the glass flower will be visible. Insert the stem of the flower into the spiral receiver and in minutes you've created a beautiful accent that brings colour to your garden even when flowers aren't in bloom. They look great indoors too and will enhance the beauty of any potted plant.

For best results: Place flower where it will receive the most direct sunlight.

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