Animal Themed Greeting Cards that Grow into Flowers - The seeds are in the paper of the card. Pack of 6


Design Option 1: Tiger
Design Option 2: Tiger
Design Option 3: Tiger
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Animal Themed Greeting Cards that Grow into Flowers - The seeds are in the paper of the card. Pack of 6

  • These cards grow into flowers - when finished with them, simply tear them up and plant the pieces in soil and watch them grow into beautiful wild flowers
  • The seeds are embedded in the paper of the card.
  • Sentiment themed cards - 6 pack
  • Blank inside - envelope included
  • The card that gives a little back - don't throw it away, plant it!

Product Description:

Everyone likes animals, these cards each have a different picture of an animal on each one.

The greetings card that gives back! Inside the actual card paper of these greetings cards are hundreds of wild flower seeds. This beautiful range of greeting cards is not only great value for money but also gives something extra that no other greetings card does. Once the person you have sent the card to has finished with the card indoors they can tear it up into pieces and plant it into a pot. Simply then just add water and sit back and watch the little pieces of card germinate and grow into beautiful wild flowers. The wild flowers seeds that are embedded in the paper include catch fly white, corn poppy, English daisy, snapdragon, catch fly purple & catch fly white. Plant-it-cards - More than just a card!

Planting Method:

  1. Tear card into pieces the size of a 10p
  2. place in a shallow furrow - about 1cm deep
  3. Cover completely with 1cm thick of fresh compost
  4. Water thoroughly once - if in summer, water every 3 days, any other time of year water once per week.

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