Roamwild 740g Japanese Style Anti-Vibe All Steel Curved Claw Hold & Strike Hammer With Magnet


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Roamwild 740g Japanese Style Anti-Vibe All Steel Curved Claw Hold & Strike Metal Hammer With Magnet

  • Nail holding notch on head with magnet enables you to strike in nails without holding them.
  • Adsorbs shock and harmful vibration adding a level of comfort to use all day.
  • Longer bell-shaped strike face strikes with greater accuracy and force, even if off-centre.
  • Hand-sharpened crab-claw nail puller for easy extraction of nails
  • Durable steel hammer handle with balanced grip - Anti-gravity balance gives the curved claw hammer a lightweight feel
  • A perfect carpenter hammer


Heavy duty toughened Bell Head

- Even Spread of strike force for perfect, accurate hammering no matter where you hit

- Extended head length for better reach of striking object any time.

- Head shape dissipates vibration.

Magnetized Nail Holder

- Shaped notch with magnetic insert to hold the nail ready for forward striking: hole recess in top of head also holds nails.

- Magnetic nail starter allows you to reach to awkward areas and hammer in a nail.

- Immediate release of the nail allows you to drive it home.

Crab-Claw Nail Puller

- Hand-finished sharp point pulls nails large and small easily.

- Easy nail pulling (even headless nails).

- Unique angle of claw gives excellent leverage no matter how awkward.

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