PaintStick - The Fast Paint Roller That Holds the Paint in the handle!


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PaintStick - The Fastest Paint Roller - It is not just a paint roller, it is a time & back saver too.

  • SUPER FAST paint roller system 3 x FASTER. Not just a paint roller, it is a time & back saver

  • 10 million sold worldwide - Unique roller holds paint in the handle with no tray, no bending, and no mess

  • 3/8-Inch perforated roller cover; handle holds enough paint to cover 8-by-8-foot wall

  • Includes paint stick, 3/8-inch roller, filler clamp & fill tube.

  • The roller is so long it will easily reach the top of walls and ceilings without a ladder.

  • Max reach without ladder - 12-14ft.
  • COMBO DEAL Includes: 1x Paintstick Kit, 1x Tune Up Kit, 1x Spare Interior Roller, 1x Spare Exterior Roller, 1x QuickPainter, 1x Cornerpad, 2x Spare Pad. All you need to paint and cut in a room!

Product Description:

PaintStick Roller Kit - Over 10 Million Sold WORLDWIDE! Just like a giant syringe, PAINTSTICK sucks paint directly from the can, into it's handle and then feeds it into the roller as you paint, so no need to keep putting paint onto the roller. One fill covers at least 64sq ft in only 3 minutes! Watch demo video at HOMGAR so you can see how fast it really is?

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