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Stuff 'N Sniff® is a uniquely designed line of plush dog pals that offer three distinct solutions to dog owners. Our stuffable character digz® takes a dog's inherent instincts into account. It can be used to curtail dog separation anxiety, as a dog training aid, and as playtime pal.


Anxiety, Stress & Tension Reducer

Stuff 'N Sniff® incorporates a secret pocket that you stuff with a sock or other recognizable scented item that will naturally be a part of the toy's makeup. This helps in reducing dog separation anxiety and provides security to the dog while the owner is away, during hospital stay, dog boarding, crate training or during the transition of a newly adopted dog to the family and/or surroundings.


Makes Dog Training Easier

Stuff 'N Sniff® can be used as a dog training aid to discourage puppies from chewing on shoes, furniture or other items. Dog separation anxiety or stress can lead to unfavorable, destructive behaviors that include urinating, chewing, whining and howling. The cavity allows you to insert a sock or  other scented item for a recognizable scent.


Makes A Fun Companion Pal!

Stuff 'N Sniff® is a great option as a companion pal for your dog and is made with high quality plush materials. Although our plush toys are durable, they are not meant for chewing. Make sure your pet is supervised at all times when playing with any plush toy.

Available  in 3 sizes

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