Viper Door Lock - 12 x stronger than a conventional dead bolt - no carpentry skills needed!


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  • Easy to install - 12 x stronger than conventional dead bolts.
  • Can be fitted in only 3 minutes - No carpentry skills required.
  • For inward opening doors only - Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Mounts onto a door frame using only a screwdriver.
  • Prevents forced entry and installs in minutes.
  • Patented spring pull mechanism requires no key - Conforms to Relevant British Standards.
  • No carpentry skills needed.
  • One of the fastest fitting key less locks available.
  • To Open Lock - The Minimum Clearance Required Between Edge of Door Frame and Wall is 30mm - Ideal Distance is 35mm

Viper Door Lock. Independent tests show that a door fitted with the viper door lock took over 12 times longer to force open than one fitted with a conventional dead bolt. Protect your family and home. Viper door lock secures from the inside and prevents forced entry. It is a uniquely designed locking device that is easy and quick to install. Keeps intruders out and gives you privacy in areas such as bedrooms and studies. Lifetime Guarantee.

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